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(800) 715-6670 Office@catholicjourneys.com

Travel Check List

  • DO NOT PACK: Carry on your person at all times: Passport, Money, and Printed Confirmation of Travel Insurance.
  • FOR CARRY-ON BAG: Medicines and Valuables
  • INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS: Because of increased security at the airport, we recommend checking in for international flights at least 2 1/2 – 3 hours prior to departure.
  • ITINERARY: Leave a copy of your itinerary with a family member, so they will know where you are each day and that they can reach you in case of an emergency. They can also call Catholic Journeys at 800-715-6670.
  • MONEY: We suggest that you exchange US dollars for the currency of the country you are going to visit, with the exception of Mexico, Medjugorje, and the Holy Land. We suggest that you get at least $100.00 to start and then you can change additional money along the way as needed. ATM machines are available in larger cities.
  • NAME TAGS: Please wear your name tags on the trip…. at least long enough for the guide and everyone to get to know each other.
  • PASSPORTS: Make sure your passport is current. Your passport is very valuable …. do not pack your passport in your luggage or leave your passport in your hotel room at any time. Keep a separate copy of the two front pages of your passport in case it is lost or stolen…. this should be packed separately from your actual passport.
  • TIPPING: Tips are not normally included in your package unless clearly specified. You may wish to leave a gratuity for your driver and for your tour escort at the end of each service performed. The recommended amount for the Driver is $3.00 – $5.00 USD per person, per day, and $10.00 USD per person for the Tour Guide. Total $13.00-$15.00 USD per person. You may also want to bring a few extra dollars to leave in the churches where you will be celebrating Mass and for any local guides, you may have for special city tours or museums and for the house staff when staying in Medjugorje.


Travel Check List

One check-in bag

one carry-on bag

Before You Leave…

___Advise family of the itinerary, Leave key

___Advise bank and credit card company of your travel plans

___Contact cell phone provider for available International Travel Plans or fees

___Copy Information Page of Passport to carry with you

___Get together addresses and stamps, Phone numbers

  • Please note, that this is just a suggestion of things to pack, depending on the time of year and your destination, you may not need or want all items. You can check the weather before you leave at:


Personal Care Items:


___Chap stick


___Cosmetic supplies


___Feminine protection

___Glasses/contact lenses and cleaning supplies

___Hair dryer/curling iron

___Hand lotion/moisture lotion

___Handy wipes: freshening up during the day

­­­­___Insect repellent

___Nail clippers/nail file and manicure supplies


___Q-tips/cotton balls

___Razor/shaving cream

___Shampoo/conditioner and styling supplies

___Soap-small bar travel size

___Suntan lotion/sunscreen

___Toothbrush & Toothpaste

___Travel pack size Kleenex


___Allergy/cold medicine; tablets

___Aspirin/Advil, Etc.

___Dramamine or Bonine – if subject to motion sickness
___Pepto Bismol- tablets



General Packing:

___Beach attire, bathing trunks/suit

___Belts, ties


___Camera /batteries

___Cell phone/battery charger/adapter

___Coat, jacket


___Extra plastic baggies – for dirty clothes or items you purchase

___Flashlight with extra batteries: take batteries out while traveling


___Hats, gloves

___Inflatable head & neck rest, eye mask, foam earplugs (for flight)

___Laptop/batteries/power adapter

___Old towel or small plastic bag to sit on outside


___Pen and paper

___Portable alarm clock, Watch

___Raincoat/umbrella/ poncho

___Reading material

___Sewing kit

___Slacks/ Pants

___Slippers, scuffs, swim shoes, flip flops

___Socks, hose, underwear


___Sweaters, shirts

___Travel iron

___Video camera/batteries/tapes/power adapter-converter

___Walking shoes

Carry-On Items:

___Credit/ATM cards

___Foreign currency

___Travel Insurance Purchase Confirmation Page, if purchased


___Neck Wallet / Purse


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