(800) 715-6670 Office@catholicjourneys.com
(800) 715-6670 Office@catholicjourneys.com

Guadalupe Pilgrimage Hotels 2023

At Catholic Journeys, we prefer to stay at


Le Meridian Mexico City. This hotel is all suites and is a beautiful 4-star hotel.  We really like the large suites!


Sometimes we stay in the luxurious



Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel.     This is a nice 5-star hotel, but with regular-sized rooms.

We usually will stay at one of these two hotels but may have to use a comparable hotel.

Here are some more pictures of highlights of the tour, taken by Fr. Lawrence Lew, OP the Promoter General of the Rosary for the Dominican Order.  Just click on the pic.

Guadalupe Pilgrimage (Mexico)

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