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(800) 715-6670 Office@catholicjourneys.com


Will a priest be on our trip?

Yes, ALL pilgrimage tours have a priest as the Spiritual Director and daily mass.

Do you have a clergy discount if I purchase a trip for my parish priest?

Yes, we will discount the fare by 20% if the priest is traveling as a pilgrim and not as a spiritual director. 
The discount is valid on any regularly scheduled pilgrimage.  We will need to receive the Priest’s full name, and a Letter of Good Standing.  The discount will be applied once the aforementioned is received and verified.

I need to renew my passport.  What do I do?  Do I have enough time?

Here is a link to the webpage that outlines how to renew your passport.

If you are traveling within 5-7 weeks, then you should be able to Pay the Expedite fee for the passport book, and send your completed application, old passport, new pictures, and payment via USPS Priority EXPRESS Mail, and include the additional payment for them to send it back via same.

Within 2 weeks of departure, you can contact the Passport Office to make an appointment in person.

  • Special Issuance Agency – Located in Washington, DC, this agency issues diplomatic, official, service, and no-fee regular passports, and facilitates visa processing for those traveling on behalf of the U.S. government. You will not be able to access this webpage if you’re not browsing the web on a U.S. government-issued computer or mobile device.

You can still register for the trip if you are applying for a new passport. Just take a picture of your current passport before you send it, and be sure to enter the name exactly as it appears in your passport: Given Names, Surname. If you have gotten married, or have changed your name since you received your last passport, you will need to include the new name that you are using to apply for the new passport.


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