(800) 715-6670 Support@catholicjourneys.com
(800) 715-6670 Support@catholicjourneys.com

Fr. Dr. Paul Watkins, OP

Spiritual Consultant / Webmaster


Fr. Paul Watkins has been a priest for over 30 years and has extensive experience in campus ministry, parish ministry, as well as business.  Father Paul started Boudreaux’s Foods which created two brands of food products, Boudreaux’s and Sugar Busters.  After living many years in New Orleans, Fr. Paul moved to Memphis, TN, and taught at Christian Brothers University.  Fr. Paul earned his Doctorate at the University of Memphis and has an MBA from the University of Virginia.  Fr. Paul taught internet marketing as well as social media marketing at Christian Brothers University in Memphis, TN.  In 2019 Fr. Paul moved back to New Orleans and is glad to be home.  He has extensive experience with international travel as well as computers, networking, and cooking New Orleans food.  

Most importantly for Catholic Journeys, Fr. Paul finds being a Spiritual Director on a pilgrimage incredibly rewarding.  He has been able to deepen his own faith, while at the same time engage pilgrims in thought-provoking discussions.  One of Fr. Paul’s interests is the Holy Shroud of Turin and he has been following the scientific developments related to the Shroud for over 40 years.  On his last pilgrimage, Fr. Paul enjoyed explaining some of these developments while on the bus headed to a pilgrimage site.  Fr. Paul has been to Rome many times as well as the Holy Land, and Medjugorje, and most of Europe.

If a group needs a Spiritual Director, check with Fr. Paul!


2018 - present
Rector and Webmaster, National Shrine of St. Martin de Porres
Instructor, Rhodes College
Associate Professor, Christian Brothers University
Parochial Vicar, St. Dominic Church NOLA
Campus Minister and Instructor, Tulane University


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