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At Catholic Journeys, we believe Good Business Matters.

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At Catholic Journeys we take great pride in our ministry and in the work we do for our pilgrims. Over the years we have garnered the reputation for providing outstanding service and the best possible pilgrimages at very affordable prices. Below are just some of the comments we’re received from our pilgrims!


May 27, 2017 Medjugorje Pilgrimage

Dear AnnMarie,

 The Medjugorje pilgrimage was wonderful…we hated to leave!!  First, it was an unforgettable spiritual experience – there are no words to accurately describe that.  Second, everything was so well arranged for us; from the accommodations, transfers, daily schedules and wonderful optional tours, we felt there was a very good balance of time between activity and reflection. Food was wonderful and we are especially thankful that our dietary requests were fully accommodated. We do not eat meat, which often poses a problem if there is a fixed meal/no menu to choose from.  But our host Ivicka asked about food preferences the day we arrived and his family provided fish for our evening entrees.  So thank you especially for that.

Cannot say enough about the superb job done by our guide Andrew Moulds, our host Ivicka and also all the local guides and drivers.  Their organization, hard work and caring made everything fall into place seamlessly.

We appreciate you too, AnnMarie!!  You were always courteous and responsive to us during the planning stages.  We understand how difficult it must be to plan a trip like this and field so many questions and requests!! 

With every best wish,

Tony and Julie

Photos to follow


May 27, 2017 Medjugorje Pilgrimage

Oh my AnnMarie.  I can't even begin to tell you how amazing this spiritual journey was for me. I couldn't get over the outpouring of so many Christian  gathered together believing in God. 

My personal experience was awesome and it gave me hope that the world (although deteriorating as time goes by) isn't hopeless. 

Ivica and his family were amazing. Their food was delicious  the planning of things to do and just their kindness was unforgettable!  

I knew some of the folks from my parish including Father Frankie who we all love. But I also met some new people that I'm so happy to have met. 

Now my favorite person is Andrew who came in place of his grandmother who works for you guys. She sounds like an amazing lady and I can see why she has such an awesome grandkid. 

I am extremely happy with the way everything went down from the planning to receiving our backpack full of everything we would need to our flights all being on time and more importantly our luggage arriving with us. 

Thanks again for everything and I hope to travel with you guys again in the future. 

 God Bless

 Ms. Smits    Photos to follow



September 2016 "Faith & Food" Pilgrimage to the Holy Land  with Clarion Herald, Fr.  Ronnie Calkins, Chef John Besh and Peter Finney Jr.

Dear Jimmy,

It was great to meet & travel with you on our trip to the Holy Land.

Sherm & I want to thank you for organizing such an incredible Pilgrimage.. 

To answer your question, there is nothing either of us would change (except for more hours in the night to catch some zzzzzz's) 

The itinerary following in the footsteps of Christ & His Mother Mary really helped in my understanding of His/Her life on earth.

I continue to feel my faith deepening... a rebirth..

As for Sherm (a secular Jew) he said "I'm no convert but I was touch by the richness of the Catholic tradition/ceremony." I know he enjoyed this journey and was especially happy with the dining. : )

When Sherm finishes organizing his photos & finds anything exceptional, he'll post. 

We would be happy to share our great experience with Catholic Journeys w friends/family who are interested in traveling to the Holy Land or other religious sites. 

Now, we're heading to the gym to work off the incredible meals we had !

God Bless You, Jimmy

Missy & Sherman Brown



September 2016 "Faith & Food" Pilgrimage to the Holy Land  with Clarion Herald, Fr.  Ronnie Calkins, Chef John Besh and Peter Finney Jr.

Hi Jimmy, 

 Thanks to Catholic Journeys for planning a fantastic pilgrimage to Israel!  I am so fortunate to have been able to experience it with you all.   I truly couldn’t have asked for a better group of folks to travel around Israel on a bus for 11 days with!

 Here is my email address. As I mentioned, I’d love to be included on the email chain when you email out everyone’s contact info. Hope you had a great time as well!





September 2016 "Faith & Food" Pilgrimage to the Holy Land  with Clarion Herald, Fr.  Ronnie Calkins, Chef John Besh and Peter Finney Jr.




We wanted to thank you again for all of your assistance with our pilgrimage to the Holy Lands, it was a life changing experience.


We enjoyed all the pilgrims who made the journey with us and would like to keep in touch with them.  So we would appreciate it if you could forward us a copy of the list of pilgrims we traveled with. 


Thanks again for all that you did.


God Bless,





September 2016 "Faith & Food" Pilgrimage to the Holy Land  with Clarion Herald, Fr.  Ronnie Calkins, Chef John Besh and Peter Finney Jr.


 You did a terrific job of putting together a wonderful spiritual pilgrimage. I look forward to getting back to you at our next gathering. Be assured, I will highly recommend your company and services to all who are interested in a Holy Land tour.



Deacon Warren Berault, MSUS, CLTC


 September 2016 "Faith & Food" Pilgrimage to the Holy Land  with Clarion Herald, Fr.  Ronnie Calkins, Chef John Besh and Peter Finney Jr.

Hi Jimmy,

Sherm & I wanted to say "thank you" for the wonderful job you did in organizing & planning such a faith deepening Pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

It certainly was an experience that we'll never forget. The "Chefs for Peace" put the journey over the top. (& topped the scales too!)

God Bless You,

Missy & Sherm Brown


Pilgrimage to Rome & The Shrines of Italy July 2016


We had a great time!  Fr. Jim and Alessandro (tour guide) were outstanding.  As a result, we may take another religious pilgrimage in the future.


Edwin McGillick

Medjugorje Pilgrimage July 2016

I just wanted to let you know that we had the best time on our trip.  Everything was excellent and beyond acceptable. 

Thanks for all you did!

Jonathan  Champagne



Holy Land Pilgrimage April 2016


First, I would like to thank our spiritual leader, Fr. Matthew, and our hosts Gay and George Hernandez for their exceptional leadership and knowledge of the Holy Land.  This was my first trip to the Holy Land and religious pilgrimage.  It was much more than what I expected it would be. I will never forget the first time I walked into Holy Sepulchre Church.  The emotion was overwhelming: seeing and touching the place of Jesus' crucifixion and burial; hearing the masses, the singing and chanting; the scent of incense and oils; and the people from all over the world coming together. Without a doubt our leaders, including our guide and driver, were exceptional, however, everyone in our group made our trip special. When I returned the question typically asked, "was it safe?"  Yes, I felt perfectly safe the whole time.

Thank you and your staff for a a great trip and hope to book another in the future. 

Linda Aguilar


Guadalupe Mexico Pilgrimage Independance Day July 2015

We had absolutely wonderful experience! Felipe was great and he brought along his nephew to help since he was hobbling on his ankle. So informative and helpful. The hotel was superb with service that my kids really enjoyed.

I have already started to save for our next trip.

Thanks for everything.


Jeff Eiser

Medjugorje & Rome Pilgrimage June 2015

Hi Jimmy,

Trip has been wonderful, Medjugorje was awesome and kids all shared at party after we renewed vows, they loved it. Dragon outdid himself for us. Rome also great, hotel very nice and near Borgo Pio. Rooftop view fabulous. Thanks for everything You did for us to make this possible!!!

Pete & Carole Dazzio

Medjugorje Pilgrimage April 2015

Dear Ann Marie and Jimmy,

Sending you herewith some Photos of our Journey to Medjugorge ... We had a great experience and Definitely having Dragan as our Guide was a key factor for a smooth and painless trip.
We will recommend your company to our friends and family .
Many thanks again for your cooperation and services.
Good Bless and have a great summer.

Daniel & Debbie Gonzalez.                      

Fatima Lourdes & Shrines of Spain April 2015

We had an awesome trip to Fatima, The Shrines of Spain and Lourdes.  It was flawless.  Everything went perfect.  We want to thank you both Ann Marie and Jimmy for all of  your attention and good service.  We hope to take another trip with you in the future. 

The Tozel Group 


Hi Jimmy,

Everything went perfectly throughout the trip.. We all arrived on time last night filled with God's graces.. Thank you for a wonderful pilgrimage.

God Bless , The Weilers  



Holy Land Notre Dame Pilgrimage  January 2015                                                                                                         


 Once again, the guys loved the Holy Land Pilgrimage.  They especially raved about the tour guide (Said), the Notre Dame Conference Center in Jerusalem, and being in Bethlehem on Epiphany for the celebration of Christmas. 

Thanks to you and Ann Marie for your work in facilitating such a blessed trip for the deacons.

 It’s time to think about next year’s January Pilgrimage.                       

Thanks; blessings,

Fr. Joe New Orleans, LA

Holy Land Pilgrimage December 2014


Hi Jimmy!


We are just driving home and what a BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE!

Definitely the trip of a lifetime!  Thank you for all the help in making this dream trip come true.  I am already thinking of my next trip!  


Thanks again for this beautiful experience and I thank God for using Catholic Journeys!

Peace in Christ!


Cornelio, Maria and Miguel,  MI

Guadalupe & The Shrines of Mexico, November 2014

Hi Jimmy,  

You don't know this, but Maria spoke highly of you and how you gave her figures and a contract when other travel companies did not reply.  She was impressed with your fast and courteous business practice.  That was great to hear!

Rose Mary M.  Fort Thomas, KY

 Medjugorje & Rome Pilgrimage, October 2014                   

Dear AnnMarie,


The trip was amazing. The guides in Rome were amazing. Francesco made sure we had the best position to view Pope Francis! 


In Medjugorje, the host was very hospitable.  He was very accommodating in what we wanted to see.  Over all it was a memorable trip !

Thank you,


Michelle R.  Corrales, NM

Rome & Shrines of Italy Pilgrimage, October 2014

Hi AnnMarie

Margaret and I enjoyed the pilgrimage.  We were particularly thrilled to be part of the papal audience in St. Peter's Square and really see the pope.  We also liked the Vatican museum and St. Peter's Basilica.  I was awed by the Eucharistic Miracle of the monk who had doubts about the presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. Seeing the five globules of coagulated blood and the flesh was life changing for me.  Padre Pio's old and new churches in San Giovanni Rotondo were impressive and so were St. Francis and St.Care's Basilicas.  The hotels were great and the food was super. You were awesome Thank you and God Bless.


Dorcas O.  Snellville, GA          

Holy Land & Rome, October 2014

Hi AnnMarie!!!

We are so blessed after this trip!  We had a great and wonderful time.  The guides were excellent and they took care of us very well.  We did not have any problems at all.  Thank you for everything you did to make this possible!

God Bless You

Amanda P.  Mc Allen, TX  


Special Pilgrimage Rome & Canonization of the Blessed John Paul II, April 2014

Dear Jimmy,

What a deeply spiritual pilgrimage.....graces abound! Thank you for your diligent work. I am so blessed to have been a part of this journey. Your professional expertise the best! Father Stan an outstanding spiritual advisor, great hotel / location and food! The guides were just outstanding. We had such a congenial group. Please convey my sincerest thanks to our priest. They all touched the pilgrims in a special way!

God Bless and Keep You,

Helen W. Metairie, LA


Rome and Istanbul, May 2012 

 "The trip was wonderful. It may have been the best one I've ever taken. Everything went very smoothly. Thank you for making all the arrangements."  

Rev. S. Klores, New Orleans, LA 

"We are in the lounge after the greatest hotel/airport experience we ever had!  All total, there were at least 9 persons looking after us.  ... Thank you for making all the arrangements."

P Taylor, New Orleans, LA

Fatima and Lourdes, March  2012


"Just a note to tell you how wonderful the trip to Fatima and Lourdes was. Everything went as scheduled. The trip was great, the weather wonderful, but the guide was really the best, Thank you for her. Fatima is truly a beautiful experience, as was Lourdes. Our guide in Toulouse was very punctual and made our ride to Lourdes very pleasant. Our guide in Lourdes was extremely knowledgeable and very enjoyable. You could not have picked a better group of people to attend to us. Thank you again for such a wonderful trip. I hope I can travel with you in the future."    

Sandy D, El Paso, TX                                                             

Holy Land, June 2011 

Dear Jimmy,

"This trip was a wonderful experience, it surpassed all of my expectations."

 Deborah B.                                                                                               

"Everything was great: the tours, the hotels, our guide. It was a trip that I will never forget and all that you did to plan it is greatly appreciated."

 Maureen F.                                                                                              

"It was a well planned and executed pilgrimage. Thank you!."

  Elizabeth S.      


Medjugorje, November 2011

"Thanks for all you do. I can't tell you how many people told me they were so impressed with how everything was seamless." 

Terry B. Baton Rouge, LA

Italy, May 2010

"The tour was well planned and went very smoothly."


"Catholic Journeys did a fantastic job getting us all home in a timely fashion."


"I appreciate all the work Catholic Journeys did on our behalf after the scheduled tour."














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